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Having trouble paying for heat, but don't qualify for town assistance?

Fuel & More can help!



Call us at (207) 703-8288 and clearly leave your name and callback number.


A Fuel & More volunteer will call you back, ask a few questions and schedule an in-person, confidential interview at the Kittery Community Center.


You meet with a Fuel & More volunteer in a private room to complete a simple application. The interviewer will ask you for information regarding your income/expenses (i.e., rent/mortgage, utilities, medical, etc.) and fuel needs. This meeting will take about 20-30 minutes.


Fuel is ordered and delivered to your residence within one week. If this is your first fill with Fuel & More, the fuel company will inspect your tank at delivery.

"The Fuel & More volunteer was so nice and made me feel comfortable when I asked for help. And within a few days, my fuel tank was filled.
So grateful."

Important things to remember:

You may be eligible for town assistance:

  • Call the Kittery General Assistance Administrator to make an appointment at (207) 475-1313.

  • York County Community Action offers help through the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program. For questions or assistance, call the Kittery office at (207) 439-2699.


Fuel & More is completely staffed by volunteers, and we try very hard to return your call as soon as we can.


Fuel & More is NOT AN EMERGENCY SERVICE. Call us as soon as know your fuel is low. It could take 5-6 business days to receive your delivery, so best to track your fuel level and call us as soon as possible. If your tank is completely empty, there may be a charge for restart. Better to keep some fuel in the tank until your delivery.

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